The Man Who Loved Bicycles was published in 1973 by Harper's Magazine Press in association with Harper & Row. Its author, Daniel Behrman, died in 1990. Harper's Magazine Press is also gone. Harper & Row later became HarperCollins.

We assume copyright belongs to Mr Behrman's surviving relatives (if any), or HarperCollins. James E. Starrs, in the permissions section of his anthology The Literary Cyclist, reprinted an extract "Courtesy of Daniel Behrman," which inclines us to the former view. Whatever the legalities, the book has long been out of print, which is why we've made it available in this no-frills BR edition.

We first laid eyes on The Man Who Loved Bicycles early in 2002, in the form of a photocopy. The staff read and keystroked at the same time, breaking all office productivity records whilst courting carpal tunnel syndrome. (Knock wood.) The task called to mind the robot Marvin in Douglas Adams's The Restaurant at the End of the Universe: the first twenty thousand words were the hardest. The second twenty thousand words were the hardest, too. The last twenty-seven thousand were also the hardest.

We ran all 67,120 words through spellcheck, the mere existence of which probably has Mr Behrman spinning in his grave. As many of our typos were actual words in their own right, there are undoubtedly other mistakes. We apologize for any errors, and will correct them in the fullness of time - feel free to point them out. You will also find a few [text missing] notices scattered about. These represent a xerographic failure and should not be construed as cryptic references to an ancient lost text.

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Daniel is a really lost author.