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Have you ever participated in medical experimentation to aid the R&D of bike manufacturers?
A surprising number of respondents answered Yes to this,

Do you listen to music while in the saddle?
though not to this, leaving us somewhat confused about our demographic

A special note on Shania Twain:
We have no problem with Ms Twain. Indeed, her album Up! does its job admirably, and much of Come On Over is entirely without fault... these being the limits of our familiarity with her oeuvre. However, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT that you cut the first few seconds of intro from many of the tracks, e.g., "Let's Go" (from I'm Gonna Get You Good), "Here it comes" (Ain't No Particular Way), "Kick it" (I'm Holding On To Love), "Here we go, yeah" (Whatever You Do! Don't!, incidentally a great! song!), "Cool" (which sounds particularly lame for some reason on the marvelous Don't Be Stupid). In her defense, "Let's go girls" (Man! I Feel Like A Woman!) is contextually appropriate. Occasionally we even find ourselves mouthing the words, which is alarming to say the least. As for Up!, it is strongly advised that you immediately dispose of the bonus CD. It was a nice idea to provide an entire alternative album, but you will suffer irreparable harm.

What would you like to see on the ideal cycling computer?
"Teenage driver in souped up Honda Civic sensor" - Brian
"Laser to zap people who shout 'yer weels goin roaaaund'" -Steve

True or false: If you fill your innertubes with helium you'll go faster
We have a strong feeling that this is true, though The Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton has stopped accepting our collect calls

Does being a cyclist gives you time off from purgatory?
There's something about this in the book of Revelations

What is a sensible amount of money to spend on a bicycle?
A trick question, of course. A recent EU directive, in language which is a striking departure from the usual legalese, has declared bicycles to be 'Necessary as air is for breathing and sunlight for seeing; henceforth and for all time they shall be free to anyone who requests them'

What's your favourite (non-cycling related) reading material?
"Anything with words." -Kingsley
"I don't quite know, but it's sure not this calculus text." - Ryan
'Smutty fanfiction." -Rochelle

Who would be your ideal tandem partner?
"As long as she's Japanese, I don't care." - Peter
"George Clooney" - Beverly
"Madonna..but she'd need to be in front" - Kingsley
"Someone who's willing to rub my back" - Steve
"Maybe you don't know the girl, but I'm keen on riding with Grit Franke" - Mathias
"That Twain girl" -John
"Anyone who wants to stoke" -Robert
"If my spouse won't find out, Catherine Zeta Jones" -Steve

Have you arrived at BR after typing something completely unrelated to cycling into a search engine?
And did you stick around afterwards?

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