20 Questions
is the survey we devised in an attempt to create a massive reader profile database. After all, information is power, and we figured that such a database would eventually accumulate enough info-energy that we could screw it straight into the fuse box and it would generate actual voltage. We'd no longer have to pay our electricity bill.

That was the plan.

But too many of you assumed the survey was, and we quote, "Just for fun." You'd simply read it and go on your merry way, producing a few amps of karmic energy but leaving us in a darkened room.

So we're also offering an alternative. If you want to be notified when we add stories, send us a regular old email, typing 'Yes' in the subject line. Eventually we may stop bumping into the furniture.

If you do want to take the survey, also "Just for fun," consider yourself an Executive Member of BR. Membership privileges are still being hammered out by our Executive Membership Committee, so we don't want to make any promises yet. They're still arguing over the design of the Executive Member Keyring. "WHAT?!?" we hear you shouting. "You want I should give you 5 minutes of my life and it's for a KEYRING? I've already got a keyring. It's very nice. My brother gave it to me."

Be warned: now that 20 Questions (our marketing people tell us we should rebrand it as 20 Questions Classic) has company, it's a long road. Take a deep breath. Do a little more browsing elsewhere in BR, it'll help answer some of the questions anyway. Then dive back in only when you're ready, taking care not to eat a half-hour before to avoid cramps. Should you grow weary, confused or disillusioned, jump through the escape hatch at the bottom of each page.

Note that the photo of an illuminated float from the Aomori Nebuta Festival has nothing to do with 20 Questions and has been left here until we can find a more suitable place for it. This may take some time. (No, we're not putting it on our haiku page.)

20 Questions. Finally the Submit button works™
Well, it did until we surrendered to parse errors.
And don't bother ticking the boxes either, unless you need the practice.